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High performance

More than 20 years training players

Tennis i padel HEAD


Our students compete in various tests at provincial and Catalan level.

Physical preparation

During training we also work on the physical part, on coordination and agility, complementing it with more technical work.


In competitions it is key to keep the values ​​of the sport in mind and to enjoy.

Our team

Motivation is a constant driver in his work. Teachers not only seek to impart technical knowledge, but also inspire their students to excel, embrace new challenges and seek continuous improvement.

Dedication is the cornerstone that defines the way they approach classes and interact with students. In addition, patience is an intrinsic quality in dealing with each player, allowing them to learn at a comfortable and personalized pace.

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High performance players
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High performance academy

Training players

Advanced Technical Training

Our competitive tennis school for kids offers advanced technical training, providing them with the skills and tactics needed to excel in competitive tournaments

Optimized Physical Development

With a comprehensive approach, we not only work on tennis technique, but also on the physical development of young players, helping them improve their endurance, strength and agility

Mentorship of Qualified Trainers

Our qualified coaches not only teach advanced techniques, but also act as mentors, providing support and guidance to young athletes on their path to excellence

Active Participation in Tournaments

We encourage active participation in tournaments and competitions to give children the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned, develop resilience and grow as competitive tennis players

Creation of Sports Connections

Through participation in competitions, children have the opportunity to connect with other passionate players, creating a network of sporting connections that could last a lifetime

Cultivation of Essential Values

Beyond tennis, we instill values ​​such as teamwork, discipline, determination and respect, to help develop not only good players, but also exemplary individuals.

Tennis School

High Performance

From 8 years old, Dynamic classes with technical and animated exercises so you don't get bored. Meet people, play and have fun!

1 day a week
2 days a week
€37.50 per month
€75 per month

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    Our students in action

    From young learners to passionate adults, they all share one bond: the dedication to improve in tennis and padel, both on a technical and personal level. This not only results in an increase in their sports skills, but also in the development of values ​​such as teamwork, resilience and discipline.

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